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the Digital

A collection of 24 motions, with over 600 unique drawings.

the Physical

A motion box that brings this collection to life through paper and film mechanics.

the Process

From a cardboard prototype, to a 2D sketch & later a 3D sketch; the Motion Box was born.



2D Sketch

3D Sketch

Motion Box

the Origin Story

Inspired by 1890s Edison & Dickson's motion picture device 'The Kinetoscope', this collection aims to celebrate the history of motion pictures, as well as the technological advancements of film and art.


the Details

  • QR code link to collection

  • On/off power button

  • 9 volt adapter & 9 volt battery

  • Wall mountable keyhole

  • LED light

  • Ball bearing mechanism

Measurements: 20x20x20cm (7.87",7.87",7.87")

Dense Composite wood material

Metal Switcher on/off

2 power systems: 9 volt adapter & 9 volt battery

Automated gear mechanism

LED lights

QR code permanently linked to collection

Ready to mount!

ART BASEL - Miami Design District

Previously exhibited at

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